MULTITASKING SUPERHERO - We are looking for hunger, excellence, and awesomeness. Are you fearless and humble? Do you work on two things at once not because you have to, but because you do not know how to work any other way? Are you eager to learn something new and help business owners fulfill their dream? Then keep reading… you may be our next Partner in Crime!

Job Responsibilities

  • Call warm leads consistently to prequalify and schedule appointments;
  • Provide multi-faceted administrative support;
  • Assist team with preparing and updating sales and digital marketing reports;
  • Maintain company databases to track prospects, clients, and deal information;
  • Draft and deliver written communications that establish immediate credibility for self and team;
  • Perform administrative functions that support the business and revenue generation within the sales team;
  • Assert discretion and professionalism when given access to confidential and/or private information.

Skills Needed

  • Uber Organized;
  • Proven success in sales & could sell a ketchup popsicle to someone in white gloves;
  • Never met a stranger and love to speak to new people;
  • Not limited by your job title: flexible & intellectually curious, you’d never utter the words “That’s not my job” ;
  • Ninja with office software and process;
  • You have true grit… With your perseverance and passion, long-term goals and hard work don’t intimidate you;
  • Your “stupid human trick” is mind-reading;
  • Enjoy getting your work done WAY before schedule just because you can;
  • You are patient and respectful by nature;
  • Work well with others to achieve results as a team;
  • You think big and small as well as understand when it’s appropriate to do both;
  • NO CLOCK WATCHERS – You know when something is urgent
    Not afraid to ask a question 10x when someone is bad at communicating so that you can get your work done
  • You know how to transcribe, edit, retrieve, copy and transmit text, data, and graphics with your eyes closed;
  • “Cool Under Pressure”;
  • A fast worker who makes minimal mistakes– and when you do you are not afraid to own your mistakes;
  • You are an amazing scheduler with a sickening degree of attention to detail;
  • You are an awesome juggler of tasks;
  • You LOVE that this ad is straightforward and to the point!


  • You have at least 2-3 years of Sales Experience;
  • You are an intermediate user with Microsoft software (i.e. Word, Excel);
  • Familiar working in a work at home environment and have a private home office space;
  • Private Aviation Experience – Icing on the cake!

Job Conditions

The entire BIRDY Team is dispatched all around the world. This is also a work-from-home position – 40 hours per week (full-time).

Salary with bonuses & commission, plus full benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, 2 weeks PTO first year / 3 weeks PTO after one year).

What we do

We help people live their life to the fullest with unique travel experiences, by providing private jet rental services and flight bookings anywhere in the world, anytime. Our team of experts has behind-the-scenes access to the best appraisal tools available, plus they have their finger on the current pulse of the market. We will help people find the perfect aircraft and perfect destination in order to maximize the value of all their journey. As a private jet broker, we work hard in order to find the best jets that will offer the best price and value for our customers.

If you are still interested...:

Please send your résumé and cover letter in pdf format. In your cover letter tell me six things:

  • Why are you a Multitasking Rockstar?
  • Describe the last 3 bosses you had and why you loved and hated working for them?
  • Tell me about your ideal work situation?
  • How do you establish trust?
  • Include your work availability (i.e. Sat. – Sun anytime; Mon. – Fri.)
  • What are your salary requirements?



Can’t wait to discuss with you!

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