BACK TO 1945

The iconic adventurer & air pilot Remy de Haenen was the first to perform an aircraft landing in Saint-Barthelemy, a tiny island lost in the middle of the Caribbean sea. Captured by the beauty of the island, he decided to settle in and became one of the most notable figures of the Caribbean. Self-made & unconventional man of character, Remy de Haenen used to run various businesses throughout his life. At the occasion of his first success, as a marine trader, he decided to learn how to pilot an aircraft to develop his activity and once licensed, bought his first aircraft for $ 2 500 in Puerto Rico in 1944. After he built Saint-Barths’ airport with a 500-meter landing strip, the passionate man created his own airline company the next year, the CAA (Compagnie Aérienne Antillaise), based in Tintamarre, an even tinier island where he also built a landing strip from nothing. A miniature of the Cucaracha is now exposed next to Saint-Barths’ airport, which the adventurer also gave his name to in 2017. BIRDY‘s CEO, self-made aviation enthusiast woman & grand-daughter of the adventurer, decided to perpetuate the passion for aviation by flying people everyday to all pieces of paradises in the world, like Saint-Barths, where she grew up.

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The company was created by 2 aviation-passionate & unconventional women who had always proven superior skills & the highest level of customer service in their past jobs. The day they met, they knew they were meant to do things together, differently. With 5 years of experience in Business Aviation, BIRDY‘s founding team could meet all the actors involved in a private flight and observe every kind of situations, the good ones, and the bad ones. At these times, they were always thinking: “What if things had been done our way instead?” At the occasion of a deep discussion, they both realized they had the same project in mind. And that’s when BIRDY was born.


With a common vision to help its members live their life to its fullest, BIRDY’s founding team has been dedicating its full time to becoming the #1 Travel Buddy of the wealthy youth. Adventurers at heart, we love nothing more than the thrill of exploration and discovery. We hope to share this love with you on one of our exciting journeys