Safety Standards

Luxury is our mission, but safety remains our priority.

The aviation world is constantly learning & improving its standards to make sure passengers can travel safely. Most of the time, customers are not aware of these measures since most of them happen behind the scenes. As an aviation professional, it is our main duty and principal priority to determine a certain level of standards of quality and safety.

BIRDY’s standards are based upon due diligence and international best practice standards with regards to Flight Operations, Ground Operations, Training Standard Operating Procedures, Maintenance & Technical Standard Operating procedures and COVID-19 related standards.

BIRDY’s standards include the We make sure that each of our partner operators is able to provide proofs of:

  • Up-to-date training & skills. Pilots must be fully-trained & legally qualified on the specific aircraft type and airports they’re scheduled to take-off from or land at. Indeed, some airports such as Saint-Barths, London City, or Saint-Tropez require that the pilots have a site qualification. Flight attendants must be trained to cater to your needs and ensure your safety at all times;
  • Up to date certifications, such as ARGUS, WYVERN or other Aviation Safety Auditors;
  • Compliance with the relevant aviation authorities and applicable laws: Air Operator Certificate, levels of insurance coverage, regulatory oversight from country of origin and specific authorizations required for specific routes;
  • Compliance with EASA COVID-19 standards such as crew health checks and aircraft cleaning regimes.
  • Recent and regularly maintained aircraft.

To make sure everything is constantly under control, BIRDY has a dedicated Safety Manager to update our internal procedures and verify that all our partners adhere to the highest safety standards as well as to our operations manual.

If you’re still concerned about safety, please get in touch with BIRDY and have all your concerns addressed by the operators in advance of your flight.