These Little Birds are your “Air Ubers”. With a capacity of 1 to 6 pax, they are the best for short trips like Paris to Geneva, Miami to New-York or San Francisco to Las Vegas.

Absolutely perfect for a business trip or a short getaway 👌


Midsize Birds will take you and 6 to 7 other passengers from Los Angeles to Mexico City, from Cayenne to Rio de Janeiro or from Moscow to Ibiza. BIRDY’s selection of super midsize jets offer full comfort & luxury services such as flight attendant, restrooms, and spacious sofas, for the upmost luxurious experience ever ✨


Heavy Birds are perfect for long-range trips, when you have to cross an ocean or an entire continent. With a minimum of 10 seats, these Heavy beasts will take you and your whole squad from London to Dubai, from Paris to Montreal, or from Sydney to Singapore.

BIRDY’s selection of heavy jets will offer flight attendants, separate lounge areas, and a super comfy bedroom (upon request) 💎


Airliners are usually booked for corporate groups of people, sports teams or music bands for special events like business seminars, football matches or concerts, but BIRDY’s selection also includes ultra luxurious aircrafts for individuals with multiple areas such as bedroom, bathroom, office, meeting room, living room and/or dining room.

Everything is possible, just ask! 🤳