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Travel safe with us.

From the first second, BIRDY Private Jets SAS has integrated safety in the company’s culture. Our team has built strong organizational processes and taken all necessary actions to get the highest certifications in the international aviation industry. This is why we have been working on getting the ARGUS & WYVERN accreditations.

Indeed, ARGUS & WYVERN are the leading safety and best practice auditors for both operators & brokers in the aviation industry. Their audits and final rates are based on a number of criteria, including safety history of the operator, training program for the crew and maintenance program for their aircrafts and crew, and financial strength. Earning an ARGUS Charter Operator Rating and/or a Wingman Certification demonstrates that the Operator or Broker its adherence to an internationally recognized standard.

BIRDY mostly works with operators that have been thoroughly vetted through WYVERN or ARGUS in the USA or its European equivalence IS-BAO, so you can fly with absolute peace-of-mind.

The ARGUS Registered and Certified Broker Program allows professional air charter brokers a recognized and respected mechanism to inform aircraft operators and charter consumers that they adhere to the highest operating standards.

To achieve certified ARGUS status, BIRDY has to undergo a thorough review of the internal data, documentation and practices – which will be carried out by ARGUS.

For a charter broker to be certified by ARGUS, it must:

  • Prove highly professional standards in day-to-day business activities
  • Not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexuality, or disability
  • Fiscal integrity and appropriate transparency throughout the transaction
  • Prove resource mechanisms for complaints, disputes, investigation, and resolution
  • Comply with applicable rules, regulations, and customer-dictated preferences
  • Perform due diligence on charter operators in a systemic and consistent manner
  • Compliance with industry standards for charter brokers
  • Show aviation knowledge and brokering experience
  • Ensure full passenger comfort and services
  • Demonstrate the best employee hiring and training practices

In this battle for quality, BIRDY conducts its own audits of partner operators based on the main safety standards such as Air Operator Certificates, Aircraft Ops Specs, Insurance validity and compliance with our Operations Manual.

WYVERN Certified Brokers are audited by WYVERN and are validated to meet WYVERN requirements related to broker codes of conduct.

As a WYVERN Broker, BIRDY Private Jets SAS will ensure that each operator and aircraft we book meet the trip requirements established by WYVERN in the industry-leading safety standard called Wingman Standard.

Operators can also be audited by WYVERN. The PASS (Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey) Program delivers the “Registered” ou “Wingman” (advanced) status to the operator. Soon, BIRDY will be able to provide its customers with this PASS report for each flight, stating that the operator, the aircraft and the crew are compliant with the Wingman Standard.