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Dare to rise. The world awaits. Fly in Style, Fly with BIRDY.

Your experience,


Freedom is our lifestyle.
Your freedom is our lifestyle.
Live without constraints. BIRDY makes you fly all private & flawless. As your partner in crime, we strive every day to make you feel free to come & go where you want, when you want, the way you want, Living your life to its fullest.


All tailored to your desires.
The whole plane just for you & the persons of your choice, the food of your choice, the music of your choice. Let us take you to the next level of your travel experiences. Cuz life is short. Cuz you made it there. Cuz you deserve it.


Your lifestyle is our passion.
Jump from an event to another in record time. Find yourself in a different continent every day. Enjoy the utmost destinations, landscapes & luxurious places in the world. Money will always return, your time won't ever.