24 Jul 2023

Challenger 3500


✧ Leading the way in the industry, the Challenger 3500 aircraft sets the standard for private air travel. With its technologically advanced cabin, it enhances productivity through features like voice commands – a first in the industry – and the revolutionary Nuage seat. The Challenger 3500 offers the perfect blend of eco-responsibility, performance, and reliability, making it a trustworthy choice all year round.

✧ The spacious Challenger 3500 cabin can comfortably accommodate up to ten passengers, including the pilot. Its sleek sidewalls and seamless surfaces in various finishes, along with ample space between seats and furnishings, ensure efficient cleaning and disinfection. Advanced soundproofing also makes it the quietest in its class, prioritizing comfort and productivity while minimizing stress.

✧ Bombardier leads the charge in eco-responsibility, implementing concrete measures to drive meaningful change. The Challenger 3500 aircraft exemplifies this commitment, standing out as the most environmentally friendly business jet in its category.

✧ The Challenger 3500 aircraft boasts the most well-equipped cockpit in its class, surpassing its competitors with a wide range of standard equipment and superior aesthetics. It is designed to meet current and future navigation requirements, offering a cutting-edge flight experience.

✧ The Challenger 3500 is not yet on the market.




The Challenger 3500 aircraft is the most environmentally responsible business jet in its category, providing innovative and eco-friendly solutions and features to minimize its environmental impact.



With an impressive range of 3,400 nautical miles, outstanding runway performance, and steep approach capabilities, the aircraft gains access to some of the world’s most challenging airports, such as Aspen, London City, or Lugano. It can easily connect Los Angeles to Honolulu or London to Dubai at full passenger capacity and maximum fuel load, all without any stops. The aircraft’s remarkable agility provides an exhilarating flight experience, quickly ascending to 43,000 feet (13,106 meters) and flying well above commercial air traffic and adverse weather conditions, while reaching a maximum speed of Mach 0.83.



The design and technology come together to enhance passenger productivity and comfort. The aircraft features cabin technology that is a first in the industry, revolutionary seats, and a lavish interior. Redefining comfort with its unique zero-gravity position, the patented Nuage seat marks the first architectural innovation in business aviation seating in 30 years.



Source: Bombardier


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