18 Jul 2023
children on private jet

Ensuring a Comfortable Flight: Flying Private with Children

children on private jet
Little girl in airplane listening music and drinking water.


Traveling with small children and toddlers on private jet charters often offers a more enjoyable flight experience compared to commercial airlines. There are numerous advantages to flying with kids on a charter. To ensure the best travel experience for your family, here are some helpful tips:


Does Your Child Require a Separate Seat on a Private Jet?

Similar to commercial airlines, private jet regulations state that a child under the age of two can travel on your lap. However, children aged two and older must have their own seat as per legal requirements.


Flying with Newborns

While there are no strict regulations on the timing of flying with a newborn, it is advisable to do so when you feel completely comfortable and have a valid passport in place for your baby.


Bringing Baby Food and Milk

You have the freedom to bring food and milk for your baby or child on board. Alternatively, we can assist in arranging any special food requests you may have. Children’s medication can also be taken on the aircraft, adhering to approved liquid limits. It is recommended to inform us in advance about any specific medical needs.


Onboard Entertainment for Children

To keep your child entertained during the flight, we suggest bringing their favorite toy, blanket, pillow, and other items that can provide comfort. While most private jets offer in-flight entertainment and music, it is always a good idea to have additional entertainment options, especially during longer flights.


By following these tips, you can enhance your family’s travel experience and ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey on a private jet charter.


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