25 Apr 2023

✧ GIS Advisers ✧

GIS Advisers, born in Switzerland from the pooling of the knowledge and know-how of several top managers of international private banks, is a wealth management company specializing in financial investments. It welcomes all types of clients: individuals, professionals and companies and proposes the best management strategy for its clients. Moreover, it ensures a continuous personalized follow-up for its prestigious clients.

The fundamental values of GIS Advisers are the following:

  • An absolute independence in order to be as objective as possible for their clients.
  • An original offer, based on the contribution of the best specialists from around the world.


Global management strategy

How does the company work?

GIS Advisers’ investment committee establishes a central strategy thanks to strategists from several international financial institutions. This strategy aims to answer several questions:

  • What relative weighting between different types of management (Classic / Alternative)?
  • What currency allocation (dollar / euro / yen / Swiss franc,…)?
  • In traditional management, what percentages in equities, bonds, cash?
  • In equities, what distribution among the major regions (Europe/United States/Asia,…), among the main countries and sectors (Energy, Finance, Health, Technology,…)


The definition of the core strategy will allow the implementation of customized strategies for clients and their demands.


Customized managers

GIS Advisers selects the best portfolio managers for their expertise, worldwide to best meet their clients’ demands.

It is through management programs totally independent of other financial institutions, that GIS Advisers chooses the best specialists.



GIS Advisers clients can find any type of investment worldwide. The portfolios consist of 30-50 “investment categories” under the daily responsibility of specialists from all over the world selected by GIS Advisers.


The assets of GIS Advisers

GIS Advisers always acts to ensure that their interests are common with those of their clients. The company advocates: experience, talents, independence, objectivity and safety. Values that seem to be divergent from each other, but which the managers try to meet with high standards.



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