27 Oct 2022

Halloween around the world

Originally, Halloween is a religious celebration that progressively derived to the modern parties worldwide. In Ireland, Canada and in the United States, these parties include scary costumes, sweets, pranks, games, musics and movies. However, some countries have their own way to celebrate.


Latin America


From October 31st to November 2nd is Dia de los Muertos. During three days, families will decorate their homes and build altars, in order to honor their ancestors who return to their homes on Halloween. Sweets, flowers, pictures, foods and drinks are arranged on these altars. Candles, incense, water and towels help the spirits to clean themselves, before they enter the party with their loved ones. On the last day, families move from their houses to the graveyard to eat all together, while decorating the graves. Some people also like to wear traditional skull makeup and outfits.




On November 5th, bonfires and fireworks are set off in the United Kingdom for Guy Fawkes Night. The Celtic traditions were very different from these fires, as they used to call it Samhain and celebrate it a bit softer. Moreover, as British people are mainly protestants, they do not believe in saints and don’t do anything special for Halloween, except Guy Fawkes Night. In the early 17th Century, Fawkes was a part of a Catholic group and wanted to overthrow the protestant King James. Fires represent the face of Fawkes while children ask for pennies, which is close to sweets in northern America. However, Guy Fawkes is a festival that gradually falls into oblivion and will soon be only an anecdote.




Bonfires, costumes and the famous “trick-or-treat” moments also happen in Ireland. As in the US, the costumed attend parties with games with sweets as treasures and eat a typical Irish cake called barnbrack. Small objects are hidden in the cake such as a ring, to promise a future wedding and straw for a flourishing upcoming year. Irish citizens transformed “trick-or-treat” into “knock-a-dolly” where children knock and run away before somebody opens the door.


Classical Halloween Monsters


Now and to help you find a costume, here is a list of the most classical and famous Halloween monsters:


✧ Witches
✧ Vampires
✧ Werewolves
✧ Zombies
✧ Mummies
✧ Ghosts
✧ Demons
✧ Clowns


BIRDY wishes you great Halloween festivities!

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