14 Jul 2022

Puerto Escondido, the hidden paradise on Earth

Puerto Escondido beach
Puerto Escondido beach

Located south of the state of Oaxaca in Mexico, Puerto Escondido is an amazing coastal city making it a must-see for travel lovers.

Unique in its kind, its name means «hidden port» in Spanish. First clue about the well-kept secrets of this remarkable site.


An already priceless memory.

Have you ever dreamed of releasing baby turtles on a breathtaking beach or surfing in the most extraordinary coves on this planet?

Be among those who have taken the plunge and not miss this opportunity!


Activities not to be missed:


  • Become a surf insider at a lower cost.


Take advantage of full courses taught by local surfers. Proud of their heritage, they will bring you everything you need for an unforgettable moment. Whether you are an experienced surfer or a novice, the quality of personalized follow-up is exemplary.


  • Baby turtles’ first steps.


Come and admire the precious spectacle of turtle liberation on the beach of Punta. A real moment of emotion, support your favorite during his race off the Pacific.


  • Miraculous swimming in luminescent plankton.


Instantly immerse yourself in an extraordinary experience and connect with nature by admiring one of Mother Nature’s most impressive phenomena: bioluminescence.

The lagoon of Manialtepec promises you a peaceful and colorful environment.


Our travel advice:


  • Budget: (7-day stay): approximately 5000 Mexican pesos.
  • Local food: Authentic specialities very good market.
  • Take a walk: you will enjoy the proximity of shops and enchanting beaches in less than 5 minutes.


Follow your dreams and claim your place in heaven! He is waiting for you…

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