06 Sep 2022

What the mainstream press does not tell you about Private Jets

While all eyes are on a few specific cases like Drake or Kylie Jenner

– and the Private Aviation sector is being unfairly blamed as a whole –

we would like to highlight some information that the press does not:


 Private Jets produce only 0,2% of total Aviation emissions and 0,04% of global pollution ✧ 

 Private Jets can fly to over 40.000 airports in the world, i.e. 10 times more than commercial airlines ✧ 

 Private flights are 80% professional, the remaining 20% are shared between leisure trips, diplomatic flights & medical evacuations ✧ 

 The Private Jets market is estimated at $ 30 billion in 2022, allowing economic growth within many territories ✧ 

 Private flyers are contributing a lot to carbon compensation programs & to the global research over sustainable aircrafts of the future ✧ 

 Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is available – some aircrafts already fly with 50% SAF – and 100% SAF solutions are upcoming ✧ 




In case you were doubting wether you should or should not fly private

– or keep on flying private: aircrafts will always fly anyway,

but sustainable aviation will never see the light of day without you.


Still willing to book a jet?

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