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Commercial flight on an airliner through a commercial airline.

06 Sep 2022

What the mainstream press does not tell you about Private Jets

While all eyes are on a few specific cases like Drake or Kylie Jenner - and the Private Aviation sector is being unfairly blamed as a whole - we would like to highlight some information that the press does not:   ✧ Private Jets produce only 0,2% of total Aviation emissions and 0,04% of global pollution ✧  ✧ Private Jets can [...]
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02 Nov 2021
Jet Privé Aéroport Felix Eboué

BIRDY is the first private jet broker in French Guiana

French Guiana is one of the many overseas territories of France but the only one located in South America. It is part of the European Union and its currency is the euro. The Guianese speak French & Creole. While local Ameridians will eat caymans, toucans or even sloths, vegetarians and vegans will enjoy atypical dishes [...]
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