28 Jun 2022

The Burning Man experience by Private Jet

wild structure built at Burning Man

For over 30 years, the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA, has hosted thousands of burners at the Burning Man Festival. These 80,000 people come from many countries around the world to attend one of the most unique events. The 2020 and 2021 edition of the multiverse and terra incognita theme was held online because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In 2022 Burning Man is back! Over 2 years of cancellations, the festival will take place in the Black Rock Desert with its new theme: “Waking Dream”

From Sunday 08/28 to Monday 09/05, let your creativity run wild and get fired up at the big gathering!

You don’t know this event yet? We tell you everything!



What is Burning Man ?


To start, here is the basis of the event: burning a giant mannequin Saturday night before the end of the event. The Man is already 32 meters long. It all began in 1986, when landscaper Larry Harvey, shipwright Jerry James and John Law found themselves on the nudist beach at Baker Beach in San Francisco. A special occasion: a bonfire as a ritual for the summer solstice.


Many changes have taken place over the years, including in terms of venues, disciplines, etc. In any case, people gather every year in the village of Black Rock Desert. This temporary city then becomes the most populated place in Nevada during the summer. Organizers have introduced a limit of 80,000 tickets sold in minutes. These, however, go on sale in April, with Burning Man only taking place in August.


Context of the event: between art and freedom


At Burning Man, festival-goers are the artists and artisans of the event. Everyone has carte blanche in terms of creativity. As a result, the public is entitled to an extraordinary exhibition with hundreds of temporary works of art. They are very diverse in type as well as in shape and size.

True to its name, the festival has a specific centre: fire. It is present in a large part of the performing arts, whether it is playing with it or painting it. Besides the Man who burned himself last night, a number of works also suffered the same fate.


Burning Man’s main vision is to provide an epic, inspiring and fun experience for everyone. The festival addresses social issues and inspires culture, community and cohesion.


10 principles of the festival


Burning Man’s life and activities are governed by 10 principles. The event also provides the tools and infrastructure frameworks available to help the community adopt them.


  • Radical inclusion: anyone can be part of Burning Man. There are no prerequisites to joining our community.


  • Gifting: the value of a gift is unconditional


  • Decommodification: the community seeks to create social environments that are not mediated by sponsors, transactions or advertising.


  • Radical self-reliance: participants are responsible for their own livelihoods. No commercial form, with few exceptions, is allowed on the site.


  • Radical self-expression: Festivals are an opportunity for participants to express themselves in many ways.


  • Communal effort: Burning Man emphasizes collaboration and creative work done together.


  • Civic responsibility: Community members are responsible for public welfare and strive to pass on civic responsibility to participants. They are also responsible for organizing events in accordance with local, state and federal laws.


  • Leaving no trace: it is about respecting the environment by cleaning the place and leaving the place in better condition than before the Burning Man.


  • Radical participation: Burners are encouraged to actively participate in the event, whether for work or pleasure.


  • Immediacy: Burning Man aims to provide a mediator-free experience in which participants fully experience what is happening around them.


How to get to the Burning Man?


Is it better to take a commercial or private flight to Burning Man? Our answer is: BOTH.


Going to the «Playa» of the Burning Man is a real expedition. To survive in the desert, you have to bring a huge amount of water, enough food to eat and share with your neighbors. But also gifts, sleeping gear like a tent and mattress and something to move like a small bike. Imagine taking all that with you on a flight from Europe, then a flight to Reno airport. And also a bus to Black Rock City…. sounds like a right nightmare? This festival is supposed to be a dream experience, not a pain in the ***.


If you can’t afford a private non-stop flight from Europe (about $10K), you can take a commercial flight to San Francisco for a few hundred euros if you book in advance, then book a private flight from SF to BRC for 500-600€ per person (Little Bird: 4-6 passengers). This way you will land on the Playa directly and get assistance for your luggage.



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