01 Sep 2022

What to take on a trip ✧ Burning Man edition ✧

The Burning Man is now happening in the Black Rock desert in Nevada, from August 28th to September 5th. However, if it’s your first time, this amazing festival might look overwhelming at some point. Guests are all on fleek and you might be afraid to forget something when packing. This is why Birdy made a list with your must-have, which will completely immerse you in the typical bizarre and extravagant atmosphere of the event. Let’s go for a what’s in my bag, Burning Man edition!


What to pack for the Burning Man


  • Tickets

Physical version, not digital.


  • Cash

You shall receive many gifts but what if you want to drink something cold?


  • Water

Don’t forget it’s in the desert, in Summer time.


  • Glasses and face mask

More than having a quirky and original look, these two will protect you in any dust storm that might occur during the event.


  • Sleep mask and ear plugs

Maybe you don’t mind being sleep-deprived for your first time at the BM, but if you do want to rest, protect yourself from flashing lights around and neverending music.


  • Warm jacket

If you’re not used to the weather conditions in the desert, you don’t want to be badly surprised freezing at night. It’s surely too hot at day time, but then very cold.


  • Pair of boots

We all prefer to wear sandals when it’s sunny, but remember that being nearly barefoot in Black Rock can cause injuries to your feet.


  • Lights

The place you’ll go is called the playa, and at night nobody can see you, you will be like an invisible night owl. Take a light with you, such as a neon. You will look cool and safe, as your presence will be known!


  • Fans

No need to explain why this time.


  • Extra sheet

Remember talking about sand storms? Protect what’s inside your tent with an extra sheet.


  • Extra clothes

During your trip back home, having extra clothes all clean and fresh will make you feel better.


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